Megahold Mats

The stable solution for mats on hard floors.

For companies that operate high–traffic public and commercial areas, the risk of trips and falls is a growing concern. Such injuries can have dramatic consequences for the individual and insuring against accidents of this nature represents a significant cost for businesses.

Megahold™ rubber backing from Milliken is an innovative product based on a specially–developed nitrile rubber formulation which is not only soft and tacky, but heavy–duty too. You can get Megahold™ as a replacement for the standard backing on our original, Absorba® and Cotton Plus™ mats.

It features unique and patented suction cups that stick to the floor in order to minimise mat movement, and is the ideal solution for public areas with high foot traffic and where wheeled trolleys are used.

Megahold™–backed mats are perfect for problem areas where loose–laid mats are not usually effective, and can help to prevent major health & safety issues.