We can offer a wide range of washroom services to your business in order to give you a total service package. We make sure that our services are individually tailored to your needs and will endeavour to meet your requirements whatever the service.

We offer:

  • roller towels for factories
  • roller towels for offices
  • paper for production
  • tissues for the office
  • gel for the shop floor
  • hand and moisturising cream
  • air fresheners
  • feminine hygiene for all locations
  • baby care for the little ones

All of our roller towels are processed by our parent company, Ravenhead Services Ltd.


We provide feminine hygiene products and services to businesses of all sizes.

Feminine Hygiene

We provide a range of feminine hygiene services which are supplied with care and discretion. Our services can...

Light and Motion Sensitive Air Fresheners

Light and Movement Air Fresheners

For the well–being of your staff and customers, we provide a number of different air freshener solutions. Our...

We provide paper towels and dispensers to businesses of all sizes.

Paper and Tissue

We pride ourselves on putting quality paper in quality dispensers. We work with industry leaders Katrin to...

Roller Towels

Roller Towels

For clients that are carbon–conscious, we provide a full roller towel service which includes both dispensers and...

We provide soap and dispensers to businesses of all sizes.


Skincare can be a challenge in any business environment. We provide a wide range of soaps and...

We provide warm air dryers to businesses of all sizes.

Warm Air Dryers

When hygiene and efficiency are of the utmost importance, we can provide your business with a range...