24 Hour Protection

We are the largest independent mat rental company in the North West, and have over 40 years’ experience in processing floor protection mats. Though our service predominantly covers the rental of such mats, we can also provide a direct sale option as needed.

All potential customers can receive free advice, and this can be followed up by samples and trials of our mats on your premises as required.

Mats R Us use Milliken mats in order to give you the greatest choice of textile mats and matting systems. This allows us to ensure that you get the best possible protection against dust and dirt for outdoor, indoor and special applications. Combinations of our mat products can be selected in order to give maximum floor protection in your building.

The mats that we provide absorb all types of dirt, water and contaminants going in and out of your premises, and when placed correctly can make a major positive impact on your working environment. They give 24-hour protection in shops, factories, hotels, restaurants, sports clubs, stadiums and kitchens, and are perfect for use at both inside and outside entrances.

Our mats prevent damage to expensive flooring, carpeting, tiles and inlayed entrances, and can also protect hi-tech equipment through effective dust control. Our personnel will exchange your mats regularly, professionally and on time, leaving you with fresh mats whilst the soiled ones are taken away for cleaning.

Mats R Us provide a rental service which can save you time, energy and money, and products that can not only protect and preserve your floors but also save your customers and staff from potential slips and trips.