Anti Fatigue Rubber Mats

The Anti–Fatigue rubber mat from Milliken is the first of its kind and is specifically designed for situations where your employees need to stand for prolonged periods – for instance on production lines, or in shops and bars. It has unique cushioning and ergonomic properties and can also help reduce noise and prevent slips and falls.

Manufactured from premium–quality nitrile rubber, this unique anti–fatigue construction is water resistant, impact–resilient and easily cleaned using standard industrial laundry washing processes. With anti–static properties and superb oil and solvent resistance, it’s also ideal for use as an anti–slip mat in industrial areas. Not only that, but it’s been tested and passed by the American Podiatric Medical Association too.

These mats are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs – contact us today for more details.

We provide high-quality anti-fatigue mats for all working conditions.