Ravenhead Services

Mats R Us has been developed as a separate brand within our parent company, Ravenhead Services, who have been operating out of St Helens as a family-run commercial laundry for over 90 years.

Ravenhead Services supply laundry and linen services to hotels, restaurants, shops, offices, factories and football stadia all over the North and North-West of the UK.

At Mats R Us we share the same ethos as Ravenhead Services, and take pride in both Quality and Service. We use the knowledge gained by Ravenhead to give the same high-quality, cost-effective service.

To back up our range of products and services there are years of experience, product knowledge and sheer hard work which we use in order to make the best decisions for our customers.

Experience of a lifetime – Ravenhead Steam Laundry, 1935